Our Story

Fluid Style Co. was founded in 2017 by Alex Anders and Adam Andersen. They met randomly one evening at an LA Meetup event, got to talking about their careers, and the concept of a clothing line designed and marketed specifically to the bisexual community was born.

Alex is an international bestselling bisexual romance author (with over over 100 published titles), and master of his own YouTube channel: “Bisexual Real Talk.” Born in the Bahamas, where he bases many of his stories, Alex now lives in Los Angeles.

Adam is a serial entrepreneur and former officer of several well-known tech companies. He’s also an attorney, though you shouldn’t hold that against him. Born in Argentina, Adam now lives in the Los Angeles area.

Young, innocent and adventurously exploring the world. This is how every young bisexual sees themselves the first time they hold the hand of someone of the same sex. Breaking free of society’s norms is an electric feeling.

Discovering that you are bisexual changes you. It isn’t like being gay because bisexuals get to choose who they’ll be with. A young bisexual has to decide if they will nurture their feelings for the same gender or suppress it? They ask themselves if they are bold enough to fight societal norms. They ask themselves if they have the courage to explore who they are.

Fluid stands for the young bisexual lifestyle. Fluid is a pretty girl with a sly glance. It’s two fresh-faced teenage girls innocently holding hands. It’s a good looking guy glancing at one of his bros with a smile that says that he is really glad he’s there.